Welcome to 111 ranch

We are a sustainable cannabis farm that uses regenerative farming techniques to produce some of the best in house genetics in the state of Washington. Our flower and concentrate products are high quality and delicious. Try for yourself and find out!

Complex flavor

Our cannabis is known for its unique and rich flavor profile.  Our expert growers employ years of experience and passion to nurture each plant, ensuring optimal flavor development throughout the growth cycle.

Wide spectrum

Our passion for cannabis drives us to preserve the full cannabinoid content of the raw plant. 111 Ranch’s products not only bring the plant’s unique qualities to life, they provide better depth of flavor and greater healing abilities than many of the alternatives.

All Natural
At 111 Ranch we produce pesticide-free, organic flower. We believe that our hard work shines through in the finished product, which is why we’ve committed to lovingly tending to our plants and giving back to the planet by farming sustainability.
Our Cannabis

Cultivation Method

At 111 Ranch, there is a ritual to our gardening, a method, and intention, resulting in authenticity that you can taste.

Krakin charas


Krakin Charas is our premium handmade, live rosin extract.

111 Ranch

Our mission

Our mission at 111 Ranch is to sustainably cultivate and provide the highest quality cannabis to enhance the overall health and well-being of our customers. As a proud heritage medical marijuana collective, and now a recreational grower, we are dedicated to upholding our commitment to the local community. 



Under our 111 Ranch brand, we produce several kinds of flower as well as concentrates.