Our Method

Fresh agricultural hemp grows in the countryside


Our flower starts with the best strains of seeds and is coupled with years of expertise and technique for cultivating a truly amazing product. You won’t find a product that competes with our level of quality.

At 111 Ranch, cannabis cultivation is done the traditional way – outside, in the sunshine. The process takes time, but it’s worth every moment to preserve those delicate cannabinoids that contribute so much to potent flavor profile of our product!


Living beds

Our indoor-grown cannabis is cultivated in a controlled environment, allowing us to produce flower with higher levels of THC than traditional grown plants. 

At 111 Ranch, we work tirelessly to maintain the balance and stability of our indoor living beds to enhance the quality and potency of our final product. 

indoor living beds


Our concentrates are developed using a variety of high quality cannabis strains without the harsh chemicals. Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid products available. All of our concentrated products are solvent free and extracted using chemical-less methods. Our process allows us to deliver a product that truly brings out the pure essence of the flower without the drawbacks and dangers associated with solvent-based extraction.

Natural &

pesticide free

We believe that cannabis should be available in its purest, most natural form. Many of our customers are patients treating health conditions and even approved pesticides can create dangerous side effects. We’re committed to clean cannabis through-and-through, which is why our flower has – and always will be, grown without pesticides.


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